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     "We do specs so you don't have to!"


We become team members from the beginning of the design process through the final contract document submittal.  Maxx Unions' focus is the specifications, allowing the Architect to devote more attention to developing the construction drawing details, therefore good communications is crritical to produce a cohesive set of construction documents.  We evaluate the designs most critical components first in order to reduce re-design of systems and building elements.

We bring keen knowledge and functional expertise to each project, and are known for our collaborative approach. We absolutely love what we do and we love bringing success to our clients.



Maxx Union is a unique consulting service company. We have developed relationships with some of the best industry experts and have unique access to their expertise. 

Our response to your design solutions produce specifications that reflect the design intent, while maintaining the construction budget.  At Maxx Union, there is always a solution.



At Maxx Union, we are expert strategists in assisting our clients with their most complex design challenges and provide successfull solutions for each project.

We begin by helping our clients understand the impact of each element in the design process. Through product research we recommend quality materials which reflect the design intent and will meet the construction budget. 


“ At Maxx Union, we absolutely "love what we do", and we love bringing success to our clients.

Robin Maxam, Principal,  Maxx Union

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